The 10 Teething Remedies You Need to Know (That Work!)

That sweet toothless grin on our precious babies is such a fleeting moment in time.

Before we know it, our newborns are no longer newborns and they begin to sprout those cute, little teeth.

However, although we ooh and ahh over those little pieces of emerging enamel, our babies are not digging those growing teeth!

Drooling, chewing on anything and everything, sheer irritability and crankiness, as well as the tell-tale signs of red, sore gums are immediate indicators that our little bambinos are entering the teething stage.

Our hearts just hurt when we can’t instantly fix the pain and discomfort that our little ones are feeling, but there are a handful of tried-and-true teething remedies that can help alleviate many of these symptoms.

10 Teething Remedies You Need to Know

Depending on which generation you ask, teething remedies vary widely.

We know that a pearl of wisdom one of my respected elders gave me was that a bit of whiskey on the gums goes a long way.

However, we just weren’t feeling the early introduction of alcohol was my best choice. So, here are some other non-alcoholic remedies to try with your wee one:

Cool That Growing Grin

Anytime we have inflammation, the first thing we do is look for something cold. 


Simple. Because it feels good.

A cold compress, ice, or some other safe cooling option (like a sugar-free popsicle, or frozen fruit wrapped nicely in one of those cool, mesh teething products) can help numb those throbbing gums.

This teething remedy is probably one of the quickest, easiest, and most convenient options to try.

Think of this as your sweet little baby’s first line of teething defense.

Try Some Hard Foods

Anyone that had braces remember the old wives’ tale about eating an apple after getting your braces tightened? 

The same rationale applies to babies during their teething stage.

If your teething baby has successfully moved on to solid food, chewing on these harder foods can apply pressure to the gums, making them not as sensitive and uncomfortable. 

Foods such as cucumbers, carrots, and/or teething biscuits can be good options to provide a gnawing opportunity that can sooth the irritated gums. 

Of course, make sure that you are monitoring the hard food that you try with your little bundle of joy, as any food can instantly become a choking hazard at this age.

Also, keep a close eye on any foods that could be potential food allergens or cause food sensitivities

Just getting ready to introduce foods to your little one? Try opting for some pediatrician-recommended first foods

Lend a Hand

Here’s another teething remedy to help in dealing with those growing baby teeth.

Letting your little guy or gal chew on your clean hand, or even using a clean finger or a bit of moistened gauze pad to rub those gums, will help your kiddo deal with the pain and discomfort associated with teething. 

Applying just a bit of pressure on the gums will help chase away some of the uncomfortable sensitivity around the gums.   

High Fashion Teething Jewelry

Too bad there isn’t a Baby Fashion Week. 

With all of the different products and apparel available for bambinos, one of the favorite options during this teething time are the various teething accessories.

Necklaces and bracelets have become teething-go-tos during the emergence of these first teeth.

However, just like with using hard foods as teething remedies, make sure you keep a close eye on your baby while these teething accessories are being used. 


Remember this gem while you were pregnant? 

Chamomile has been shown to naturally offer calming effects, relax nerves and soothe pain for babies during the teething process. 

You can utilize this zen option in a handful of different ways:


These are some fun and fabulous reddish-brown teething remedies.

Created from Baltic amber, allegedly, when a baby wears a necklace or bracelet made from this resource – the body heat triggers the release of oil that contains succinic acid that has an analgesic effect on gums when absorbed.

The verdict is out, though, on the safety or efficacy of these beads. Many claim that they are fantastic teething remedies; others claim that their viability is shaky, at best. 

Do enough research to help you make a sound decision if you choose this teething option.

Holistic Help

With so many baby products on the market, we tend to lean towards choosing the healthiest and the most natural products for our babies.

The same is true for when our little ones deal with teething woes.

Teething drops made out of camilia, teething oils, flower essences, and Chinese herbs have all been used to help kiddos deal with the ongoing battle against the teething blues.

Depending on your views regarding holistic remedies, make sure you do some researching to see which, if any, work for the needs of your sweet little one.  

Teething Toys

Babies are chewing machines during the teething process. 

Finding remedies that can help alleviate the discomfort associated with this period of growth can sometimes prove frustrating.

However, one of the teething remedies that many depend on are teething toys. 

Many of these toys can be placed in the freezer so that they can offer the cold remedy. Many of these toys offer something hard to gnaw on for the pressure relieving remedy.

Furthermore, many of the topical ointments and/or medicines can be dabbed on most of these toys to make these teething superstars even more effective and efficient.

Topical Medications/Painkillers

When nothing else seems to work, we tend to look for a quick fix to help our babies with their teething woes 

Some topical medications and painkillers can have relatively immediate effects, but remember to proceed with caution.

Only choose medications/painkillers that are age appropriate, and if they are medicinal in nature – make sure to consult with your pediatrician first.

Dab That Drool

Loads and loads of drool becomes one of the biggest side effects of the teething process.

When those little teeth start to emerge, the salivary glands start working overtime and that drool begins to flow like Niagra Falls. 

Just remember to dab that drool so that it doesn’t pool. Excessive amounts of saliva can cause irritation around the face and/or the neck region, so make sure to keep those areas dry.

Support That Smile

Now that baby teeth are beginning to emerge, there are all kinds of options to ensure that your bambino can weather the teething storm with less discomfort and pain.   

Choosing any of these teething remedies can help both baby and parents regain our sleep, chase away a potential cause for your baby’s witching hour, and bring back those sweet baby smiles. Just remember to brush those new teeth now that they’re starting to sprout.

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