6 Baby Travel Tips for the New Year

Traveling with an infant or a toddler can be difficult for new parents and experienced parents alike. It’s not as easy as going somewhere alone and having to bring only a bag or a backpack. With a little kid, the amount of luggage, and the environment, it always seems there are new problems that need addressing. Not to worry, this article will help you learn how to deal with these and many other problems you might encounter along the way. Here are six tips for traveling with a baby in 2017:

1. Have a bottle or your breasts at hand!

The best way to calm down your baby on a plane is to have a bottle of milk ready at hand. My baby girl couldn’t stop crying as the plane was ascending, and the best way to calm her was giving her the baby formula I brought with myself. Pre-flight check-ins can be a hassle when bringing liquid onto the plane; just tell them that it’s the only way to make your baby calm down on the flight. In the end, my baby girl stopped crying after a minute and was fine for the rest of the flight…until we started descending for the next airport! The trick works like a charm. This is also a good tip if, on the flight, your child’s ears start to hurt from the air pressure, as sucking on a bottle can relieve it.

2. Don’t worry about the crying

Every airplane trip I’ve been on involved a crying baby at some point or the other. These things are inevitable, so if it happens to you, don’t worry about it! Most people understand what it takes to be a parent and most of those who’ve never been in the situation at least sympathize because they don’t have to carry the burden of extra responsibility. Focus on the happy faces instead of the occasional grump.

3. Carry your car seat on board

Many car seats CAN actually be brought on the plane. To see if you have one of these seats, check to see whether it has an FAA-approved sticker, or check out its specifications online. I always bring my baby’s car seat to the plane and place it on the window seat. It’s a great help for getting my girl to sleep without any discomfort.

4. Don’t forget the meds

It’s extremely important to bring a first-aid kit when you travel, especially with an infant or toddler. Also, don’t forget the prescription medication, which is even more important if you’re traveling to a foreign country that might not have that particular drug available.

5. Staying in hotels and motels or with relatives

These places often have cribs and playpens you can rent out for the remainder of your stay (or you can bring one with you!). The baby usually won’t mind sleeping in a new place if you place it in a comfortable crib. If you’re staying with relatives or friends, ask them to check out a crib or playpen before your arrival so that you don’t have to worry about bringing one yourself, as your luggage will likely already be a big enough job without having to carry cribs around as well.

6. Take care of the germs

You know how babies are. They like putting their hands in their mouths, and anything else that looks attractive and yummy. I recently heard about a toddler who put a whole crayon in his nose and it went into his sinuses! He was suffering from a sinus infection for weeks. The ENT doctor found the crayon was stuck in his maxillary sinus and removed it with a small procedure. Talk about bizzare! So please, keep on eye on your baby and the environment. Bring anti-bacterial wipes and clean his or her hands occasionally to reduce the chance of illness. This is especially true for public transport and airplanes in general.

There are many things to watch out for when traveling with a baby. It’s best to travel with another adult that can watch over the baby if you have to go to the bathroom, as airplane bathrooms are tiny. Hopefully with these tips, your next trip with your baby will be a breeze!

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