A History of Cow’s Milk Baby Formula

Mothers have been giving their beloved babies formula for millennia. Baby formula can be a great alternative or complement to nursing, helping you get your youngster the nutrition his or her growing body needs. In the modern market, you’ll be faced with dozens of formula formulations, from powdered soy to premixed rice recipes. Despite the vast array of options available to twenty-first century parents, the classic choice remains the most popular—Parents magazine reports: “cow’s-milk-based formulas account for about 80 percent of formula sold in America today.” At Beyond Organic Baby, we provide 99 percent organic cow’s milk formula to nourish our customers’ little bundles of joy. Read on to discover more about the history of cow’s milk baby formula and learn about its benefits.

A Time-Honored Technique

Babies have been suckling on cow’s milk for over four thousand years. The Journal of Perinatal Education’s “A History of Infant Feeding” reads: “Clay feeding vessels dating from 2000 BC onwards have been found in graves of newborn infants…which suggests that animal’s milk was used in ancient times as an alternative to breastmilk.” Since all mammals produce milk, our forebears had lots of options for animal-based formulas. However, even centuries ago, cow’s milk was the top choice: “the type of animal’s milk used was dependent on the kind of animal that was available—goats, sheep, donkeys, camels, pigs, or horses. The most commonly and universally used for artificial feeding, however, was cow’s milk.” In fact, primeval parents even made use of bovine bottles: “a perforated cow’s horn was the most common type of feeding bottle during the Middle Ages.”

Cow’s Milk Formula is Born

As the centuries wore on, people became wise to the fact that, since babies have some noticeable differences from calves, cow’s milk might need to be altered to suit their particular needs. In 1760, prominent French doctor Jean Charles Des-Essartz compared the chemical differences between human and cow milk in his Treatise of Physical Upbringing of Children. Over a hundred years later in 1865, German chemist Justus von Liebig created the first cow’s milk formula, a special recipe that included additional ingredients to make it ideal for babies. According to The Journal of Perinatal Education, he “developed, patented, and marketed an infant food, first in a liquid form and then in a powdered form for better preservation. Liebig’s formula—consisting of cow’s milk, wheat, and malt flour, and potassium bicarbonate—was considered the perfect infant food.”

The Recent History of Cow’s Milk Formula

This enduring recipe expanded in popularity, especially during the first half of the twentieth century. In an effort to feed babies even better, nutritionists have continued to refine the recipe for cow’s milk formula over the past 150 years. Modern types contain a lot more than just wheat, malt flour, and potassium bicarbonate. Founded in 1933, we are the oldest organic formula company, so we’ve been a part of these advances and now use very sophisticated recipes to provide superior nutrition. For example, our stage one (for newborns to six-month olds) cow’s milk formula ingredients include organic vegetable oils, minerals, a host of vitamins, and other important additions to fortify your baby’s food, foster healthy development, and make it easier to digest.

Bovine Benefits

Cow’s milk is the conventional base for baby formula because it offers numerous benefits. In his advice column for Parenting magazine, Dr. William Sears writes: “Realistically, cow’s milk is a very rich source of nutrition in a small package. Milk is high in protein, a healthy carbohydrate called lactose, B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc.” He also advises parents: “when you start cow’s milk, it’s preferable to buy organic.”

At Beyond Organic Baby, our cow’s milk formula is 99 percent organic and produced according to strict European standards. Our free range cows nosh on biodynamic fields, passing their excellent diets on to our customers’ babies. Unlike many other cow’s milk formulas, ours is free from DHA-ARA (synthetic acids), fluoride, brown rice syrup, sugar, gluten, wheat, preservatives, or added color. With our products, you can feel confident in the quality, purity, and safety of your baby’s formula as you take advantage of everything cow’s milk has to offer.

Get Moo-re From Your Formula

To experience the benefits of this tried and true product, purchase Beyond Organic Baby’s outstanding cow’s milk formula today.

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