Why The Best Baby Formula Doesn’t Have Sugar and Corn Syrup

It’s not a secret that sugar is terrible for our bodies and we’re not supposed to consume it in large amounts.  So why would anyone think that sugar would be acceptable to feed to our precious babies?

It’s startling how much sugar is in most baby formulas.

Yes, even many organic baby formulas can contain lots of sugar and corn syrup.

What’s even scarier, is that many new (and experienced) moms have no idea of the health risks that sugary infant formula poses. That’s no fault of theirs, it’s not made public that traditional baby formulas contain high quantities of sugar and corn syrup. (Among other harmful ingredients).

Choosing the right baby formula can be a daunting and confusing task.

So what’s a formula-feeding mama to do?

Read on to learn why the best baby formula doesn’t contain sugar or corn syrup.

1) Sugar and Corn Syrup in Formula Causes Childhood Obesity

Many nutritionists and doctors state that the number one cause of childhood obesity is from high fructose corn syrup. So why are we seeing corn syrup in the ingredient list in so many infant formula brands?

In 2013, 42 million infants and children were overweight or obese, world-wide. And with many of these infants and children not outgrowing the issue (in fact it seems to only progress from there), it’s more crucial now, more than ever, to take action and protect our babies by feeding them the best baby formula we can get our hands on.

After all, developing healthy eating habits starts from birth.

Most of us know that breastmilk is the best option to feed your newborn baby, but in many cases, it just doesn’t work out that way. And that’s not something to be ashamed or feel guilty about.

As moms who adore our babies, we do the best we can given the situations we are dealt. Latching issues, milk drying up, mom having to go back to work – these are just some of the reasons why you may need to introduce infant formula.

And that is perfectly okay.

But, as a mother wanting the best for your precious infant, you’ll want to find the best baby formula to reduce the risks of childhood obesity. (Among other things).

To ensure your baby is receiving the best formula, you’ll need to become acquainted with ingredient lists and avoid purchasing any formulas with sugar-sweetened ingredients or corn syrup.

The last thing you want to do is set your child up for a life of obesity and even diabetes.

2) It Can Cause Other (Serious) Health Concerns

Not only can infant formula that contains sugar and corn syrup cause childhood obesity, it can cause numerous other health concerns and issues. Some of which, are serious.

Some of the most popular and common brands of formula contain enormous heaps of sugar and corn syrup. Which is resulting in many health problems such as behavior issues like ADD, dental cavities, and diabetes. And diabetes can be a direct result of being overweight or obese for young children.

It’s been said that most store-bought formulas (the ones with sugar and corn syrup) may pose the same health risks as drinking a can of soda.

That is downright frightening! As we all know, drinking soda comes with many risks.

So why even risk it?

3) The Best Baby Formula Uses Lactose To Sweeten – Not Sugar Or Corn Syrup

The best baby formulas are held to higher standards than the mass-produced infant formula brands you see on every shelf in America.

They create infant formula so that it’s as close to mom’s breastmilk as possible. And breastmilk has naturally occurring lactose, which is what gives it that ‘sweet’ taste, babies adore so much.

But when they start adding sucrose and corn syrup in place of lactose – you’ve got a huge problem! As stated before, sugar and corn syrup in baby formula can cause a variety of different health concerns.

So why do they even use other ingredients besides lactose?

Well, that would be when a baby has an allergy or sensitivity to lactose, known as lactose intolerance.

Soy-based formulas are commonly given to babies who are lactose intolerant. But, a soy-based formula may not be the healthiest option either.

If your baby is unable to tolerate cow’s milk based formula, then a goat’s milk formula may be your best bet. Especially if you go with a European goat’s milk formula like Holle Organic Goat’s Milk Formula.

But it’s always best to consult your pediatrician first if your baby is experiencing any digestive issues.

So What’s A Health-Conscience, Concerned Parent To Do?

Even though some organic baby formulas (especially those produced in the US) are far from perfect, organic is still your best bet in any case.

But not all organic formula is crafted equally.

The best baby formula on the market would be any European formula brand. They’re the gold-standard of baby formula and have become popular for mothers in America.

This is because in 2009 sugar-sweetened infant formula was banned by the European Union. Mainly because of concerns about childhood obesity, but also because of concerns about over-feeding due to the sweetness of the formula.

Some of the best European infant formula brands:

  • Holle Formula. Holle is top-notch in the organic baby formula industry. This genetically modified free formula is held to the highest standards. It’s pesticide free, free from added sugars, corn syrup and is fluoride free. It comes with the option for goat’s milk formula, or lactose formula.
  • Lebenswert Formula (made by Holle). Lebenswert is held to the same standards as the Holle Formula. It’s free from sugars and corn syrup,  certified organic, contains no genetic modifications, and the cows are treated humanely.
  • Hipp Formula. Hipp formula is one of the best! It’s not genetically modified, free from harmful sugars and additives, and has quickly become one of the world’s experts in baby formula.


As parents, we want the best for our children. And one of the most important things we’ll do for them is nourishing their bodies with healthy food, that will set them up for life.

It can be a scary world we live in, where baby formula can be compared to an adult drinking a soda.

But you always have a choice in what you feed your precious baby.

So, always read the ingredients on your baby’s infant formula, so you can be sure they are getting the best of the best.

Over to you! What infant formula do you feed your little one, and why?

If you have any questions about any of our products or just want to chat, you can contact us here.

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