Who are we?

An American based and concerned company started by word of mouth many years ago but furthermore parents like yourselves who wanted to feed only the very best and purest formula to our precious babies. Our multiples thrived on this wholesome milk. The reflux & constipation they suffered while on other chemical laden “grocery store” brands and even other organic health food store brands was resolved! The babies took their bottles easily and happily. They seemed to love the pure simple taste of the European milk. After tasting it ourselves in comparison to any other brand, it was a clear why! And as parents, we had peace of mind knowing we were giving them a pure, healthy, beyond organic milk that provided all the nutrients they needed without additives or added sugars.

We wanted to make all these wonderful European formulas available to other like-minded American parents at low cost and lightning speed shipping. And after many years of hard work, trips to Europe and more, we have outstanding results! We are now the leading and largest Holle, Hipp and Lebenswert retailer in the USA and Canada. We get testimonial after testimonial of your babies thriving on the formulas and cereals too and overcoming health issues they experienced on other brands.

Our team has invested hundreds of hours to make this dream possible and have done all to make ordering those exceptional products as easy as possible. Don’t forget to also check the “Our standards” page to see all we have undertaken to bring you the best there is. We are also working on other exciting projects to be released this year which we know will make the community and parents jump of excitement so stay tuned!

We are proud and grateful to be a part of the healthful and pure nourishment of your most precious little ones!





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Customer service


Customer Service