How to Establish Good Eating Habits for Your Baby

It is a common myth that forcing babies to eat mashed veggies early, when you’re just starting to wean them off breast milk, Hipp Formula, or organic cow milk for babies, will set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating. For starters, babies have very different tastes than adults, so they’re pretty unlikely to appreciate any food that isn’t sweet.

That said, you can start your baby with healthy eating habits early in life in order to create patterns that carry into childhood and adulthood. Eventually, educating your kids about healthy eating will be appropriate.  While you’re dealing with infants and toddlers, however, the best you can do is lead by example and provide healthy options. Here are a few tips and tricks parents can employ to establish health eating habits for their babies.

Understand Nutritional Needs

As your babies grow into toddlers, children, and adolescents their dietary needs are going to change.  You just can’t feed a baby like an adult. You need to understand your baby’s nutritional needs once you start to introduce solid food and cut back on organic baby formula.

Avoid Processed Foods

Our society is inundated by processed foods designed to be “safe”. Unfortunately, the addition of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives, sugar, sodium, fat, and chemicals designed to cut down on spoilage, rot, and bacteria have all led to obesity, food addiction, and a variety of other health-related issues.

Is this how you want your baby to start life? You might think there’s nothing wrong with fruit juice, lunch meat, a few McDonald’s French fries, or other processed foods once in a while.  Before pulling into that drive thru, however, keep in mind that your baby’s digestive system is not as well-developed as your own.

All the additives in these items can be difficult for your baby to digest and can lead to a type of food craving you might not want for your child. Starting with fresh, natural foods early will acclimate your child to this healthy eating style.

Eat on a Schedule

With an abundance of food available at all times, constant snacking seems to have become the norm for many families. While certain diets call for five small meals a day, others insist on three meals that are more substantial, paired with 1-2 snacks.

You’ll have to choose the eating schedule that works best for your family and your lifestyle.  It’s best to kick-start your baby’s foray into solids with the understanding that you eat at set times instead of snacking throughout the day. Whether you continue to breastfeed, provide goats milk for baby, or you’ve fully transitioned to solid food, a routine is a healthy way to control portions and set a good precedent.

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