Flying with a Baby: 5 Tips You’ll Be Happy to Have

There’s one experience that all new parents fear, and that’s flying with a baby! While some babies take to it immediately, it can be a trauma for others.

It can also be a total nightmare for their parents.

For most parents, flying with a baby is unavoidable. To help, here are five tips to make the trip easier for everyone.

1. Crying Is Unavoidable When Flying With A Baby

It’s going to happen, so don’t stress about it.

Nobody wants to see their child in distress, but the more stressed you become, the worse it will be.

We know you’re considering your fellow travelers, too. However, keep in mind that most people have been there. They will understand.

2. Let Sleeping Babies Lie

The ultimate goal is to get your baby to fall asleep. This will make your trip far more relaxing. So long as there’s no turbulence, it’s likely the hum of the plane will do the trick.

But you want to be sure, so bring along everything you need. Is there a favorite blanket, pacifier or toy?

If possible, try and time your flight to correspond with your baby’s usual nap time. You might also want to try a weighted blanket. Many parents swear by this, saying it releases the brain’s feel-good hormone, serotonin.

3. Please Take Your Seat

Put some thought into your seating arrangements beforehand. It may not be compulsory for you to book a separate seat for your child, but it could be preferable.

Do you want a squirming baby on your lap for the entire flight? The FAA recommends strapping your baby into a car seat, so booking that extra seat may be necessary. Or choose a flight at a quieter time of day, and ask for an aisle with a spare seat.

4. Don’t Leave Home Without It

When you’re flying with a baby, one thing is certain. If you don’t bring it, you’ll need it! Your carry-on bag will be your lifesaver.

Think of everything you pack for your baby for a trip to the supermarket. Then, double it. Extra diapers are a must, along with a plentiful supply of baby wipes.

You’ll need disposal sacks for the diapers, a change mat and sanitizer. Don’t forget a couple of changes of clothes for baby – and at least one for you. You can guarantee this will be the day your baby throws up in you.

Depending on the age of your child, you’ll want to pack some toys and healthy snacks.

Don’t Forget The Organic Baby Formula

If you’re flying with your baby, put some thought into feeding. A bottle may prove easier than the breast. It will also help to soothe and comfort your child.

Choosing the right formula is important, so it’s always worth reading the label. You may not realize it, but some baby formulas contain quite unhealthy ingredients.

Choose an organic baby formula, such as Holle or Hipp, to be sure that it contains all the right ingredients. You’ll also know it’s pesticide-free, and packed with essentials vitamins and minerals.

Again, remember to bring spares of everything you need, including bottles and teats.

Up, Up And Away

Nobody’s saying it’s going to be a breeze, but you can make flying with your baby easier by following these tips.

Remember, children are well travelled these days, and the flight staff have seen it all before. They will also be able to offer help and advice.

By being well prepared and planning ahead, you will all survive the flight. Before you know it, you’ll be at Grandmas, recounting your adventure.

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