Greatest Of All Time? 5 Benefits of Goat Milk Formula for Your Baby

You know breast milk is best for baby. But for various reasons, it’s not always an option. And choosing a suitable replacement amidst hundreds of formula options makes matters even more difficult.

So to help you decide, we’re going to share with you the benefits of goat milk formula for your baby. As you’ll see, there are many things that make goat milk better for babies than cow milk. Keep reading to see how goat milk formula can benefit your baby.

1. It Has a Higher Concentration of Healthy Nutrients

Goat milk is richer than cow milk in all the following important nutrients. Comparing goat milk vs cow milk, goat milk has:

  • 37% more vitamin C
  • 46% more vitamin A
  • 33% more magnesium
  • 10% more calcium
  • up to 6 times more prebiotic oligos

In addition, goat milk contains selenium, an antioxidant that promotes a healthy immune system. In all, goat milk formula has more of the healthy nutrients your baby needs.

2. It Has Fewer Harmful Ingredients

Genetic modification, growth hormones, and other unnatural farming techniques are commonly used on dairy cows, but less commonly on goats. As such, goat’s milk is less likely to contain growth hormones and other artificial or unnatural ingredients.

And since goat milk has slightly less lactose than cow milk, lactose-sensitive babies may find it easier to digest. Goat milk also has less cholesterol.

3. It’s Less Allergenic

In addition to less lactose, goat’s milk has lower amounts of other allergens, too. For example, a common allergen in cow’s milk is a protein called alpha s1 casein.

This protein is also present in goat’s milk but in significantly smaller amounts. The low concentration of alpha s1 casein in goat milk is associated with reduced milk sensitivity in some people.

4. It’s Easier to Digest

When mixed with your baby’s digestive fluids, milk or formula becomes curdled. When this happens, the curds formed by cow milk formula are harder than those formed by goat milk formula.

Because of this, goat milk formula passes more easily through your baby’s digestive system. This is a big help for babies who are prone to gastroesophageal reflux and spitting up.

And the pH level of goat milk is closer to that of human breast milk. Both goat milk and breast milk are alkaline, whereas cow milk is more acidic. The higher acidity in cow milk formula is more likely to cause gastrointestinal infection in babies.

The fat in goat milk is also easier to digest than the fat in cow milk.

5. It Reduces Inflammation

It’s believed that the prebiotics in goat milk has anti-inflammatory properties superior to those found in cow milk. The prebiotic oligos in goat milk have been proven in lab studies to reduce the gastrointestinal disease colitis.

Start Your Baby on Goat Milk Formula

All these benefits make goat milk formula a better choice for your baby than cow milk formula. This is especially true if your baby is having trouble digesting cow milk formula. If your baby has a sensitive system, or if you simply want the above benefits for your infant, make the switch to goat milk formula.

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