How to Raise Your Baby the Eco-Friendly Way

Raising a child in today’s world is no easy undertaking. Barriers between people and cultures are being broken down thanks to a growing global economy and advances in communications technology, but the process is far from civil in many parts of the world.

We’re still a long way from achieving tolerance, acceptance, and a true brotherhood of man. Then there are issues closer to home like the prevalence of cyber bullies and other inappropriate behavior in the online and mobile arenas.

You don’t have to worry too much about such issues yet, but even with an infant in your household you can start thinking about raising a family that is conscious of the threats to our environment and the health of our population. Here are a few tips for raising your baby the eco-friendly way from the very beginning.

Organic Products

Babies are too young to learn about the environment, but that doesn’t mean they have to rack up a massive carbon debt before they’re even school-age. As a parent you’re responsible for making consumer and health decisions on behalf of your baby. Instead of supporting a system that embraces pollution and waste, you can vote for a more eco-friendly world by purchasing only organic goods for your baby.

This could include more than just organic and sustainable foodstuffs. You can also opt for baby furniture that uses sustainable and non-toxic manufacturing processes. Organic textiles for bedding and clothes are also gaining in popularity.

To limit your contributions to nearby landfills you can opt for cloth diapers instead of disposables. Every choice contributes to the health of your baby and supports an eco-friendly household.


As your baby gets older, you can begin to imbue him or her with a sense of reverence for and stewardship toward the natural world. This conversation can start even earlier than you might imagine if you make a point of taking toddlers and young children for nature walks or visiting national parks.

You could even begin explaining the benefits or organics when you visit the farmer’s market with your child. Your baby will grow quickly, so it’s important to think about instilling such values and education from a young age.

Set a Good Example

Actions speak louder than words, so make sure what your child sees and what you say sync up. You should employ the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), purchase organic products, employ sustainable practices, and get involved in larger efforts as a family. This, more than anything, will provide a sound basis for raising an eco-conscious youngster.

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