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Lebenswert bio Organic Infant Formula Stage 1 is made by Holle. The milk of Lebenswert organic milk nutrition comes exclusively from organic farmers, whose species-appropriate stock breeding follows the strict guidelines of Bioland farming. In this farming method man, animal, and land are valued and respected. Organic Bioland farmers stand for species-appropriate stock breeding, plant protection, and soil fertilization without chemical or synthetic agents. The soil’s fertility is carefully managed to ensure it can be used in future generations. Produce made under these intense requirements are sustainable and preserve nature.

We believe one of the primary reasons Holle’s Lebenswert bio premium formulas and baby food continuously maintains a superior quality of milk is the balance with nature the company strives to create.  

From making into processing and all the way to a finished product, their special organic quality is consistently maintained by means of independent and government farm and production inspections.


The Particular Organic Quality

The Bioland guidelines for farmers and manufacturers are even more stringent than the EC Eco-Regulation, and are constantly evolving. For example, based economy, the organic farms on a circular economy. Further information on the Bioland Association, see .


Extensive Quality Controls

The life value bio baby food is from certified farmers on controlled processing to finished product comprehensively and tested. This confirms the visible on the product Bio-labeling with the green EU organic logo and the eco checkpoints number. The certified organic by-products, the Association growers and producers are also checked on compliance with the Bioland guidelines by state-approved inspection bodies.

  • Guaranteed no use of genetically modified ingredients
  • Renouncement of chemical-synthetic fertilizers
  • No additives such as flavorings, colorings or preservatives
  • Natural compost instead of artificial fertilizers
  • Animal welfare


Holle Lebenswert Formula Preparation Instructions

Instant preparation – ready in minutes.

Simply add boiled water and shake well!



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