More About Holle

Holle’s organic products are made with the health and wellbeing of your children in mind. For over 80 years, Holle has provided the healthiest foods to families across the globe.

Holle’s organic baby foods have nourished little tummies all over the world. Their commitment to the safety of their products is evident in each and every item they sell. Since its inception, Holle has held itself to the highest production standards, even when competitors were compromising safety for profits. This commitment to the health of future generations has lead Holle to become one of the leading manufacturers of organic baby food.

History of Holle

Since 1933, Holle has rejected the use of chemicals and other harmful substances for any part of its manufacturing process. The original founder, Albert Dienfenbach, was committed to creating a safe and healthy product for babies to consume. This focus on anthroposophical dietary principles and biodynamic quality paved the way for the current standards in organic products.

Holle Today

Today, the natural quality that the company was founded on is still present in every part of the process. Just as in 1933, Holle is still committed to offering the highest quality products. Not only are the items organic, they also meet the rigorous Demeter standards for biodynamically grown products, which ensures that the production is in harmony with nature. To comply with these standards, Holle never uses harmful chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other genetically modified substances. In 2015, Holle even received Demeter’s annual honorary award for excellence.

Holle now also offers a wide and comprehensive array of products that will start your child on the path to a happy and healthy life. All of their formulas, milks, baby foods, teas, porridges, and other products are guaranteed to nourish your baby using the highest quality and safest products available.

Holle’s popular products are now sold in more than 40 countries, nourishing children throughout the world. The company has also turned its focus to sustainability, to ensure that their economic activity is conscientious from beginning to end. This focus on sustainability has also helped Holle make donations to those in need across the globe.

At Beyond Organic Baby, we have chosen to provide our customers with Holle products because of their commitment to rigorous health and safety standards. For more information on their products, feel free to browse our website today!

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