More About Lebenswert

Lebenswert Bio infant formula is made by Holle, one of the leading producers of organic baby foods in the world. The product’s superior quality is driven by their commitment to nature.

Lebenswert Bio baby formulas are specifically designed in stages in order to grow and develop with your baby and his or her needs. To support a healthy and happy life for your growing child, Lebenswert has combined superior ingredients and sustainable manufacturing.

Above Organic Quality

To produce the Lebenswert product, the brand has gone above and beyond traditional standards for organic certification. In fact, the milk used in the product comes from organic farms that adhere to the strict requirements of Bioland associations. Bioland focuses on working with nature to create sustainability and a healthy environment for future generations. Farmers and manufacturers who abide by Bioland requirements must follow rigorous guidelines that are even more stringent than EC Eco-Regulations. Based on a variety of factors, Bioland requirements may evolve, and farmers must keep up with the changes, as necessary.

Excellent Quality Control

Before a customer receives Lebenswert Bio baby formulas and milk, it goes through extensive quality control procedures. These procedures ensure that you and your family only get a product that is perfect. Right on the label, you will see that Lebenswert products are endorsed with the green EU organic logo and the eco checkpoints number. This labeling lets their customers know that they are committed to providing only the best organic products on the market.

Lebenswert Bio baby formula and milk will never contain any genetically modified ingredients, and the ingredients will never be treated with harmful chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Their only fertilizer is natural compost that is beneficial to the plant and not harmful for your baby. You will also never find any additives such as artificial flavorings, coloring, or preservatives in their products.

At Beyond Organic Baby, we loved the Lebenswert Bio products made by Holle. The source of their ingredients is traceable and reliable, this guarantees that there will be no harmful chemicals in the formula that you feed your little one. Their staged products are easy for parents to use, all you have to do is add boiled water and shake. When baby is hungry, we know that easy preparation is key! For more information on Lebenswert products, please visit our website today.

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