When buying such an important item as food, that is to be used by your most loved baby, the BEST isn’t just a great fancy word but a NEED. We have developed our entire company around your baby and offering not just the best formula, but also in the best and safest possible way in a day and age where profit is often the most important. We have been the leaders on bringing up to parents very important subjects that were previously overlooked.  


We say NO to :



With a rise in suspicious listings and websites, we ensure our clients that all our distributors were physically verified and the merchandise provenance traced back to the factory so that you, the parents, know you are getting nothing but the best and safest product. We do not partner with and acquire supply until those important points have been verified. We have recently witnessed some sellers retailing these formulas at a $2-3 loss per box! This on a monthly basis so we have to wonder…



When buying from us you will never receive an open box of formula. We highly warn parents not to buy in such ways unless you acquired the item from a person you know and trust.



We will never reuse old boxes from previous batches or returned inventory.
We only retail the freshest there is, this is a fact and old boxes get returned to our suppliers for recycling.
Some vendors import the formula from Europe using very cheap and slow methods which has the formula sitting in warehouses for weeks on end, we highly recommend parents to ask vendors to verify the due date on the box before purchasing. We have the freshest batches the industry and happy to provide dates.



We will always ship your formula fast. We understand this is a major concern for parents. You don’t want to order something you need, just to have to wait weeks to get it!
Do we really want our baby formula laying around shipping warehouse for weeks? In the heat or cold; in the dust or elsewhere, we won’t do it. We believe the faster the better!



We have often been asked if we will continue to carry these amazing products on a regular basis. An understandable concern for parents, starting a baby on a particular brand and food is not to be taken lightly, and we have taken every precaution to ensure we will never run out and always expedite orders. This is our dedication to always being there when you need us, and due to the nature of these items, we are available all year around. it is highly recommended not to purchase from places that are here today and gone tomorrow.



We are completely opposed and condemn taking advantage of parents and babies due to the fact that this formula cannot be easily sourced in stores. We want this healthy formula to be available to as many babies as possible and will always negotiate the lowest rate so we can pass them on to you, the customer. With us, the more you buy the more you save, not the other way around.
Yes, we have rewards accounts and subscription services. But they are always free of charge and are only there to make your life easier.



None of our supplied products have ever received irradiation and until we have proven studies on the subject, we recommend parents only purchase with that understanding.
We warn customers against the elusive “do not irradiate sticker” that some companies affix to their packages as a proof. It is flawed protection against irradiation and is not respected or followed as it can be impossible to enforce due to the number of packages entering the country each and every day.