Sneaky Ways to Get Your Picky Toddler to Eat Vegetables

It’s hard enough getting adults to eat their vegetables, let alone kids. And who can blame them? When your world is full of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, French toast dippers, and Lunchables – well, a carrot stick or a handful of cherry tomatoes just doesn’t seem that exciting.

But there are ways to ensure that your toddler starts enjoying vegetables from an early age, thereby growing up to choose healthy fruits and vegetables as they get older.

Colorful Veggies

Most toddlers are irresistibly attracted to fun colors. This is to your advantage when it comes to veggies, since the most vitamin-packed treats are also beautiful to look it. To sneak your toddler some pretty peppers, dice them up and sauté them with scrambled eggs, or add them to rice for a bright and healthy fried rice recipe.

Hidden Veggies

Smoothies are some of the best ways to sneak vegetables to adults; so why shouldn’t it work with kids? Add a little spinach and a slice of avocado to a banana and yogurt smoothie in the morning. Avocado adds a creamy texture, as well as lots of good proteins; and spinach will give them a boost of iron, folic acid, and fiber. Neither avocado nor spinach has much flavor when paired with bananas and a dash of vanilla, so your picky eater won’t know that they are getting a solid dose of healthiness.

Garden-grown Veggies

It’s a proven fact that kids are more likely to eat vegetables when they are picking vegetables. If you have a picky toddler, and you don’t already have a vegetable garden, this might be the year to start one! Your toddler will get excited about planting seeds, watching them sprout, and then finally harvesting the resulting goodies. Not only is this a great way to introduce vegetables as an exciting and interesting part of our food pyramid, gardening also gives toddlers an understanding of nature and a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Your Own Personal Veggie-love

The best way to show your toddler that veggies are good is to eat them yourself! You’re trying to get your two-year-old to eat broccoli, but you personally hate broccoli? I’m sorry, but kids are smart. They know that Mommy won’t eat that thing on their plate; so of course they aren’t going to want to eat it either. Cultivate a love for healthy food in yourself first, and watch how your toddlers learn to love it too!

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