The Ultimate Checklist for Packing Your Diaper Bag

You are getting ready to go out for a day with the family. You are packing your things and then you come to the diaper bag. Do you have everything you need for a day away from home

What sort of things are too much, what do you need in multiples? The list could be colossal but unless you are prepared, you will most likely forget that one thing you will end up needing. 

Don’t panic just yet, however, because, with this handy checklist, you will always have a fully prepped diaper bag.

First Come the Essentials

It may sound a little silly, but you need to make sure you have the essentials packed first, that way you can always make do. It may make the day a little more interesting, but you will get through it. 

So, what are the diaper bag essentials?  


Formula is a baby essential. If you are traveling, even if just for a day trip, you need to make sure you have enough formula. Whether you take the powder with you, or you prepare it before you leave the house, formula should be the number one thing in your bag.


You would be surprised how often you will hear of parents taking their baby to the changing room only to open their bag and realize they forgot the diapers. 

A good trick is to ensure the bag is just always stocked with at least three or four diapers, even when you are at home. That way you can always grab the bag in any circumstance and know you are prepared. 

Baby Wipes

Another necessity but not only for the changing rooms. Baby wipes can come in handy for everybody in your party. From cleaning bums to hands wet wipes are a God’s send to mums and dad the world over. 


It is always a good idea to have two bottles in the bag. One ready to go with formula, so you can just grab while your move, and an empty one just in case of emergencies.  


If you let your baby use one, then you will understand the importance of having at least one in your bag. 

Spit Up Cloths

Babies vomit. This is a fact all parents get to know very quickly, and unless you plan on making a fashion statement with shoulder strains, at least two small burping cloths to help catch any spit up are another diaper bag essential. 

An Extra Pair of Clothes

To echo the statement above, a spare pair of clothes for baby is an essential. Babies make a mess, and you always want to make sure your bundle of joy looks their best. 

Handy Items to Have in Your Diaper Bag

Alongside the essentials, there are several other handy items that will round off your diaper bag and leave you ready for anything. 

Diaper Rash Cream

A rash is never nice, and an irritable baby is certainly no picnic, so having a tube of diaper rash cream on hand that can relieve some of the irritation will be a blessing. 

Toys and Blankets are Comfort Givers

You could argue that these are essentials, but it is unlikely you will turn around and head home if you don’t have them. But baby’s favorite soft toy or blanket can be a great comforter when they start to get a little cranky. 

Snacks for Both Baby and You

It’s always hand to have some sustenance on hand just in case. It can help keep a fussy baby quiet for those few extra moments until you get home or reach an eatery. Plus, it’s always nice to have a snack for yourself hidden in there, too. 

Ready for Anything with a Complete Diaper Bag

Knowing what you have to put in your diaper bag is important, but as any experienced parent will tell you, emergencies come up all of the time, and the real trick is having the bag ready stocked and good to go without any warning. 

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