Understanding the Benefits of Organic Baby Snacks

When you have children, you want nothing but the best for them. You want them to be happy and healthy. 

Nowadays, when it comes to baby nutrition there are so many different options available to you. Just look in your local supermarket. The selections will be astounding, and if you are not certain as to what you want, it can be overwhelming. 

If you really want to give your baby the best start in life, then going organic is certainly one of the best ways to make it. From breakfasts lunch and dinner, right the way through to snacks, an organic approach sets your baby up for a healthy childhood and beyond. 

But what are the real benefits of organic baby snacks? Are they any better for your kids than the others available in the store? Surely there are standards, but keep reading and we will tell you about the real benefits of going organic. 

What Makes Organic Baby Snacks the Best Choice?

There was once a time when the price of anything organic put off a lot of people from making the switch. However, as we get better educated about nutrition and what goes into our bodies, we are finding that the price tag no longer plays such an important role 

Especially when it comes to our children. 

Your Are Programming Your Babies Palate for Later Life

As you start to wean your baby off milk and onto solid foods, you are essentially programming their taste buds for later life. If your baby is weaned on processed foods high in salt and all manner of other additives, then the likelihood is that they will seek these foods out as they age. 

By setting a good example of what to eat when your children are young you are doing them a favor for their later years, but also yourself. No more fights over eating their vegetables, of not getting a sugary dessert. 

Babies Bodies Are Not Ready to Process Chemicals

Organic food has fewer chemicals in it than the other baby foods on the market.

It has been reported that there are up to  95% fewer chemicals in organic baby snacks. This is a staggering amount, especially when you think that a baby’s body is not designed to process such chemicals. 

This also counts for fruit and veg snacks. Babies should be encouraged to eat fruit and veg as healthy options to cookies and other snacks. While some fruit is better than none, cutting out those that have been treated with pesticides is only going to help your baby’s digestive system. 

Organic Baby Snacks and Food Avoid Synthetic Hormones That Could Disrupt Development

A babies body is in a state of constant growth. They are changing with the day, and that is all well and good. If you are feeding your baby meat and or dairy products, the organic option is going to be the best. 

By going organic, you are reducing your child’s exposure to damaging synthetic growth hormones that are fed to animals in an attempt to speed up their growth and development. 

What to Look for When Buying Organic Products

Even if you decide to go with organic baby snacks, there is not a small selection of organic products for you to choose from. The broad spectrum of products can also be somewhat mind boggling at times. So what are the best organic baby products that you could give to your child? 

Look for Local Product to Keep Things Fresh

When you go organic, you want to look for food produced as locally as possible, as this will help to ensure the freshness of the product. Meaning the nutritious value is as high as possible for your child. 

Check the Labels 

We will cover the differences in a few moments, but it is always important to check that your products carry one of the recognized organic stamps of approval. 

Check the Calories Before You Buy

When buying organic baby snacks and food, you will want to make sure you go for the high-calorie count. Your child is growing and does not need to be restricted when it comes to calories in their food. Plus, the higher count means there are fewer waters, rice or grains being added to help ‘thin’ the product. 

Understand the Different Organic Labels

There is not just one type of organic label. That would be easy, but it just isn’t the way it works. 

Before you start buying organic baby snacks, first familiarize yourself with the labels, and what they mean. 

The differences may only be small, but as you get accustomed to the organic way of life, and start paying closer and closer attention to things, you will find that the small things are what start to make a difference. 

100% Organic

As you would expect, this means that the food is completely free from chemicals, pesticides and genetic modifications. 

USDA Organic

The ingredients call into the same category as above, but the end product is 95% organic. 


Be careful of this one. While the food inside is free from genetic modification, it is not organic, or there are no requirements for it to be organic. 

Made with Organic Ingredients

Still a good choice, products with this label are at least 70% organic, and still contains less other additives and non-organic ingredients than not labeled baby foods. 

A Fit and Healthy Baby Is About More than Food But Organic Definitely Helps

When push comes to shove, a healthy baby depends on a great many different factors, including genetic and environmental. However, by choosing to feed your baby organic baby snacks you are doing your very best to ensure their diet is setting them up for a healthy future. 

If you are ready to make the step towards a healthy baby diet, then we are ready to stand by your side. From products to advice, we are ready. Just get in touch or browse our online store for some of the best organic products on the market. 

Even if your baby is older, there is never a bad time to make the switch over to organic food!

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